Tips for food logging

Keep track of the food and calories you consume throughout the day to manage your weight-loss journey efficiently

Overweight woman typing on her laptop as she sits on her bed with her dog

If you have a smartphone: 

Download a mobile app such as MyFitnesspal, MyNetDiary, or Lose It! and set phone alarm reminders to log throughout the day.

If you sit at a computer during the day: 

Sign up for a web-based food journal site such as MyFitnesspal, and set Outlook popup reminders to log throughout the day.

If paper and pen is best for you: 

  • Keep a small memo pad in your pocket/purse EVERYWHERE you go. 
  • Practice logging everything you eat and drink immediately after you have it. 
  • Mark on your calendar/appointment book to bring logs to EVERY appointment.

If you struggle to find the time to log:

  • Try a photo-based mobile app such as Meal Snap or Meal Logger; or simply use the camera on your phone to take pictures of your meals.
  • Plan and write out your meals, snacks, and beverages the night before, and check off the items as you eat/drink them.
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