Grilling is good

With the weather getting hotter, it’s time to turn up the heat on the barbecue. Grilling foods not only gives an awesome flavor but it can increase your meal's nutritional content as well.

A variety of grilled meat and vegetables on the table

Grill for nutrition

The higher heat levels used in grilling are more likely to cause more vitamins and minerals to leach out into the food, improving its nutritional value and giving you added nutrients that aren’t available through other cooking methods like boiling or baking. 


Grill for weight Loss

Since grilling doesn’t require additional fat to cook the food, you can eat delicious grilled meats without adding unnecessary calories or fat grams to your diet. You can grease your grill lightly with vegetable oil to prevent the food from sticking but that’s about all the oil you’ll need. Healthy marinades are actually beneficial to your health as well, so try to make your favorite marinades from scratch with pure ingredients.


Grill for variety

Tomahawks, sirloins and ribs should not be the only things that come to mind when you think about grilling. The healthiest food choices for grilling include lean chicken, seafood, vegetables or fruit kebabs with tofu. Try not to eat grilled red meat more than four times a week, and cook in smaller portions. Grilled vegetables and fruits contain fiber, vitamins and naturally occurring cancer-preventing compounds, so make sure they’re always in your shopping cart this summer.


Fire up the grill and enjoy a healthy summer!

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