That’s a statement that holds a lot of weight at the Abeles Wellness Experience. On this journey to shape a better you, it’s best to break up your goals into bite-size chunks. Sometimes, it’s best to think about one day at a time, one meal at a time until you start to see the small changes. And they will come.

One of the principles of our practice is support. It’s so important to remember that you are not alone in this battle. Positive reinforcement from us, your friends, family and peers in our AWE community will be just the push you need to persevere through the hard parts. All of our treatment packages are built on a holistic lifestyle transformation with support events to keep you motivated to achieve all those “bite-size” goals.


10-minute free consultation

Before you commit to any weight loss plan with the Abeles Wellness Experience, we encourage you to schedule a short phone call with Dr. Abeles. This call is for both parties to get to know each other and the discussion will center on your weight-loss goals, any previous experiences or difficulties, and how Abeles Wellness Experience can help you through our extensive services.

New Patient Visit 

Your first visit with AWE is an hour-long comprehensive evaluation, where we’ll delve into a detailed medical history including past weight loss attempts. By the end of the hour, we will have crafted a comprehensive, integrated weight-loss plan specifically for you. Each plan will outline easily achievable goals that we’ll set together. The plan will be broken down into nutrition goals, physical activity, and lifestyle changes. Weight loss medications may also be discussed.

Follow-up Visits

These consultations are essentially a 30-minute check-in with Dr. Abeles to discuss the progress of your weight loss plan. We will review what you found easy to do and what was harder than expected. We will track your specific goals and progress, and the plan may be adjusted, if required. If you’ve received weight-loss medication, our discussions will center on how to manage any potential side effects and possible change in dosages.

Spectrum for change

Some of you may be in two minds about your particular weight situation, so let’s get an idea of where you are on the Spectrum for Change?