Welcome to the Abeles Wellness Experience; or simply AWE as we like to call it. There may be many reasons that led you to this point. Maybe you’ve tried all the usual methods to lose weight, even some of the extreme ones, and you haven’t reached the results you were hoping for. Maybe you’re just looking for something that suits you and your lifestyle a bit better. The fact that you’re here today means that you’re still filled with hope, and that’s all that we need.

There is no one-size-fits-all remedy. What works for your neighbor may not work for you, and the cookie-cutter approach rarely ticks all the boxes. At AWE, we believe there’s always a better way; a better way for us, as industry specialists, to treat obesity and a better way for you to reach your goal.


Managing your weight is not just about moving more or eating less. It’s not a battle between the number of calories you consume versus the amount you burn. Will-power alone will not be the magical ingredient.

We see obesity as a chronic medical problem, and the sources of weight gain tend to overpower the standard solutions of diet and exercise. Genetics, hormones, metabolism, social-, family- and economic pressure all play a major part in the cause of obesity. When you’re battling all those potential issues, how could a single off-the-shelf solution cut it?

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Illustrated quotation marks sliding on to the screen to highlight a portion of text
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The most effective means of managing your weight is a lifestyle transformation, not a quick-fix diet plan. As most of us will attest to, a diet simply does not work if it doesn’t fit into your life. We shouldn’t think of food as good or bad. All food provides nutrition and fuel to the body. Therefore, there are no “bad” foods. Certain foods will fill you up, while others may actually make you hungrier, so it always comes down to smart choices and moderation.

Weight loss medications, a vital part of the treatment plan, work best in conjunction with lifestyle changes. Bariatric surgery is another solution and is considered when all other options have failed. We will always put our money on a holistic approach of nutritional and lifestyle changes combined with physical activity, stress management and a good night’s rest.  


Checking all the boxes

The Abeles Wellness Experience is a journey. It’s a path to a better you, based on education and mindfulness. We will teach you how to take cues from your body; eat when you’re hungry, sleep when you’re tired and exercise to build strength or relieve stress. We’ll create a treatment plan specifically for you to maximize weight loss while decreasing the chance of regaining those pounds you will work hard to lose. We’ll advise you how to implement these changes to your current lifestyle and how to get your friends and family onboard with your plan. This may be an individualized treatment, but you are never alone. We will be with you on this journey, sharing all the lessons we’ve learned from our own experiences and those of our community, so never be afraid to ask for help.


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