Numbers to know

Cutting calories out of your diet is hard. By making smaller dietary changes it’s easier to cut a lower amount of daily calories which will add up over time. These changes are also more likely to become habits.

Two people sharing a dessert

3500 calories = 1 pound

A 500-calorie daily deficit will lead to a 1-pound weight loss by the end of the week, or a 4-pound weight loss by the end of the month. The calorie deficit can be a combination of eating less and moving more. Want to lose 2 pounds each week? Well, that will be a 1000 calorie daily deficit. The higher the daily deficit, the higher the likelihood that these lifestyle changes will not be permanent.

Small incremental changes will add up to pounds lost and these changes are more likely to become permanent. Instead of cutting 500 calories each day, focus on removing 100 calories instead. Cutting 100 calories each day will lead to a 10-pound weight loss by the end of the year.

Here are some easy ways to cut 100 calories:

  • Swap out your bagel for an English muffin
  • Order your favorite coffee with fat free milk and sugar-free syrup
  • Share your dessert with someone else
  • Swap your dried fruit or trail mix for fresh fruit
  • Reduce your soda consumption by 1 can
  • Make an open-faced sandwich with 1 slice of bread
  • Use cooking spray instead of butter or margarine
  • Use a smaller plate

I can guarantee you won’t even miss these calories!

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