The difference a doctor makes

If you've tried everything else, put your trust in an obesity medicine physician to help you lose those pounds.

Abeles Wellness Experience founder Dr. Deborah Abeles

Why see a doctor to help you lose weight?  How is an obesity medicine physician different from a nutritionist, personal trainer or a med-spa?

As a physician, I have been helping patients lose weight for the past 15 years. I have gained tips and tricks from all these years of experience to help with common challenges. There are always newer and better methods to help people lose weight, become healthier and prevent medical problems and it’s my role to stay on top of the latest advancements.

I look for underlying reasons why some people may be struggling more than others to lose weight. Insulin resistance, under-active thyroid, night-time eating, menopause, sleep apnea and medications to name just a few examples.

I address nutrition. I delve into what is working or not working now; what has worked in the past. I focus on your education, while also increasing veggies and protein.

Unfortunately exercise alone does not lead to weight loss, but it does help to maintain the weight you have lost. I discuss daily exercise not only to help preserve muscle mass but to help with mental and physical health as well.

Once we have a plan, the hard part can be sticking with it. That is where behavioral change comes in.

I work with you to create your goals and how to not only implement them but meet them as well.

That may be handy tricks on how to food log, help with meal planning, discussing self-care and stress reduction. Weight loss, nutrition, exercise is not all good or all bad. We will focus on progress. Perfection is not expected. 

Lastly… medication. It is one more tool to help with weight loss. It is not cheating.  Medications can help reduce hunger and increase fullness if it’s suitable for a patient and administered correctly.

The best plan for you, the one that will give you the results you are looking for, is the one you stick with. The one that is sustainable. The plan will not only include tips and tricks on weight loss but how to maintain that weight as well.

You may have gotten some bad advice from doctors in the past. Told to eat less, move more. You may have had a negative experience with doctors and how weight is treated. I truly believe weight is a biological condition. I am never going to blame or shame you for your weight. I am not going to blame you for any of the struggles that you have. It is not your fault. I will be your greatest cheerleader.

  • Dr. Deborah Abeles, MD, FACS, DABOM
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