Managing GLP-1 meds

Here are some tips from Dr. Abeles for anybody taking GLP-1 medications.

Medical needle and medication vial on a table

Slow dose changes: Even if it is time to increase the dose, do not increase if there are significant side effects. Give your body time to acclimate.

Avoid eating late in the evening: Decreases the risk of acid reflux at night when trying to sleep.

Strength training: Very important! This helps maintain muscle mass and metabolism.

Eat small meals regularly: Decreases the risk of acid reflux and eating beyond “fullness.”

Avoid foods high in fat or sugar: Foods that are fried and/or highly processed will lead to sweats, cramps and/or even diarrhea. Avoid these foods or you will pay a price!

Eat slowly over 45 minutes: Decreases the risk of eating beyond “fullness”. It will take some time for your brain to catch up to your stomach.

Order of food matters: Protein first, veggies second, carbs last. If you can only eat small portions, eating your protein first allows your body the opportunity to preserve muscle mass.

50-60 ounces of zero-calorie fluids: Adequate hydration reduces constipation, dry mouth, headaches and nausea.

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