Survival guide for holiday eating

We’ve got a few tips to keep you jolly and trim over the festive season

Holiday party buffet
  1. Remember your goals! Think of the bigger picture. This will help you to stay on track.
  2. Don’t go to the party hungry! Do not skip meals the day of the party. Start the day with a nourishing breakfast, light lunch and a have a high protein snack before the party. It is hard to say no when you are hungry.
  3. Follow the 80/20 rule! Be realistic. Give yourself 20% room for indulgence. Choose one or two of your favorites in really small portions. Make the other 80% of the meal protein, veggies and complex carbs.
  4. Choose your appetizers wisely! These can be super high in calories. Best option: raw veggies with hummus, small handful of nuts or even shrimp cocktail.
  5. Make time for exercise! Burn off those extra calories. Go for a walk after dinner to help with digestion. Consider signing up for a holiday 5K or fun run. Play sports with your children or relatives.
  6. Rethink your drink! Drinking 1-2 glasses of water before a meal will help to make you feel fuller and eat less. Alcohol will increase the chance for overeating.
  7. Bring your own healthy version of a recipe! Cauliflower stuffing, roasted veggies, apple crisp, fruit salad.
  8. Portion control! Do not overeat to the point of being too full. Measure portions: ¼ plate protein, ¼ plate carbs, ½ plate veggies. Eat slow and enjoy the company.
  9. Lose the guilt! Do no beat yourself up if you eat more than you planned. The holidays are meant to be fun and spent with family and friends. Get back on track with the next meal.
  10. Practice self-care! Make sure you are getting enough sleep. Schedule at least 30-minutes each day for “me time”. Stress relief strategies: exercise, reading, journaling, yoga, etc.
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