Slowly does it

Tricks and tips to eat slowly for better digestion

A woman slowly enjoying every bite of her meal

Eating too quickly can cause you to feel nausea, vomit, or discomfort. However, learning how to eat slowly is hard! Try some of the following tips to help train your brain to eat slowly.

  1. SIT DOWN for all meals and snacks
  2. Keep serving bowls and platters off the kitchen table
  3. USE UTENSILS (don’t choose foods that you can easily eat with your fingers)
  4. Put utensils (fork/spoon) down between bites
  5. Use small plates (<10 inches in diameter) and small baby utensils or cocktail forks to keep you taking small bites
  6. Cut dense foods into small pieces – fingernail or dime-sized
  7. Count your chews per bite – aim for 25 chews per bite of dense food items
  8. Try the ‘half-plate strategy’ – divide the food on your plate into two halves.  Eat the first half then think about if you are satisfied before finishing the other half
  9. Use your non-dominant hand to eat (if you are right handed, use your left hand!)
  10. Try using chopsticks to eat (clumsy/awkward eating slows you down)
  11. Strive to be the last one at the table to finish eating
  12. Avoid eating while driving
  13. Control your eating environment by removing distractions like the TV and computer
  14. Set the mood by playing mellow music, create a dinnertime playlist (make your meal last 3 songs), dimming the lights, & lighting candles
  15. Remember to focus on enjoying the taste and flavor of the food
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