Water is essential

Here are a few facts about water and how you can increase it in your diet

Person filling up a water bottle at the kitchen faucet
  • It makes up 60-70% of your body weight
  • It has zero calories
  • It’s integral to cellular function, including moving nutrients and waste, cushioning your joints and organs, and controlling your body temperature
  • Needs can vary based on exercise level, fever, heat exposure, diarrhea, and trauma
  • During exercise, you lose body water as sweat
  • Even 1% dehydration can result in lowered performance
  • Drink fluids before, after, and during exercise
  • Urine should be straw color, as dark urine can indicate inadequate hydration

Did you know that water is the single largest component of the body?

  • Add sugar free flavor packets to water
  • Or try sliced lemon or lime in water
  • Carry a water bottle with you and refill it whenever you can
  • Foods containing higher fluid content include soups, some fruits and vegetables, dairy products, and some whole grains such as oatmeal
  • Signs of dehydration include thirst, dark strong smelling urine, dry lips and mouth, flushed skin, headache, dizziness and fainting, low blood pressure and increased heart rate
  • You may be dehydrated without any signs, so make sure to drink your water!
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