Compassionate friend meditation

A short guide to Compassionate Friend Meditation

Please sit in a comfortable position, reasonably upright and relaxed. Gently close your eyes. Take a few deep breaths to settle into your body. 

Now imagine yourself in a place that is safe and comfortable – it might be a cozy room with the fireplace burning, or a peaceful beach with warm sun and a cool breeze, or under a tree in the woods. It could also be an imaginary place, like floating on clouds… anywhere you might feel peaceful and calm. Let yourself enjoy the feeling of comfort in this place.

Soon you’ll receive a visitor, a warm and compassionate presence who has the qualities of wisdom, strength, and unconditional love. This being may be a compassionate person from your past like a grandparent, a best friend from school, or maybe even a religious figure like Jesus or Moses. This being loves you and wants you to be happy – this being just wants to visit you for a little while. Really imagine this being in as much detail as possible, especially how it feels to be in their presence.

You can go out and meet this visitor, or you can receive him or her into your safe space. Please greet and be with your visitor wherever you are most comfortable. 

Place yourself at just the right distance from your compassionate friend – whatever feels right. If it’s someone you feel close to, this may even include resting your head on this being’s shoulder. Or it may be that you just want to sit next to the person looking out from a porch. Hold your friend in your heart and mind and enjoy their good company. There is nothing special you need to do except savor the moment. 

Now allow yourself to recall any difficulties that you may have in your life right now. Your compassionate friend has come to tell you something, something that is just what you need to hear right now in your life. Listen carefully to what your compassionate friend has come to say. If no words come, that’s okay, too – just take in their good company. That’s a blessing in itself. Just be with your friend, listening if there is anything you should hear. 

And perhaps you would like to say something to your compassionate friend. Your friend listens deeply, and completely understands you. Is there anything you’d like to share? 

Soon your friend will be leaving again, but before that happens, your friend would like to give you something – a material object. As you place your hands together, your friend reaches out and puts an object in your hands, or an object simply appears in your hands – something that has special meaning for you. Wait and see what comes. What is it? Look it over carefully.

Now, thank your friend, enjoy your friend’s good company for a few last moments, and then say goodbye for now.

You are now alone in your safe place again. Let yourself savor what just happened, enjoying the words and the object that was given to you.

Remember that your compassionate friend is part of you. Therefore, you can invite your friend back anytime you wish. Your visitor is available with words of wisdom and compassion whenever you need it the most.   Your friend wants you to be deeply happy and successful on your life journey, and will welcome any and all supports, old or new – all supports of YOU.

When you’re ready, slowly open your eyes. 

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